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Handling Your Anxiety Throughout the COVID-19 Outbreak

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced a lot of us to alter our lives in a way that is completely new to us. This sudden change in routine teamed with a feeling of uncertainty can cause a lot of anxiety.

The next few weeks will create a lot of adjustment in how we manage our own wellbeing and, for those of you that might be needing some comfort in these difficult times, here’s some advice on how to handle your anxiety throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

1) Avoid the (health-related) news

Staying up to date with the COVID-19 situation might seem important, but if you struggle with health anxiety the need to be constantly updated can often turn into a compulsion and worsen your anxiety. Instead of constantly refreshing the news cycle, try giving yourself a specific time slot to look at the news and maybe try to find one positive news story in this time. If you’re really worried about missing something important, ask a friend or a family member to let you know if there are any emergency updates.

2) Mute certain tags on social media

A lot like the dangers of refreshing the news cycle, social media platforms can be a difficult, stressful, and uncertain place at the moment. Platforms like Twitter have the ability to ‘mute’ certain tags meaning that you can filter out any speculation from other people about COVID-19 and keep your timelines pandemic free.

3) Try to avoid Googling symptoms

If you struggle with health-related anxiety, googling any symptoms that you might be experiencing will probably not make you feel any better. Neither will sending your symptoms to social media, friends or message forums. If you’re at all worried that you, a friend or a member of your family might be experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please see the NHS advice or click here to visit the 111 NHS website and enter your symptoms.

5) Do some exercise

Whether it’s star jumps in your bedroom or a yoga tutorial on YouTube, working regular exercise into your new daily routine will help you to maintain your mental wellbeing.

6) Treat yourself

Anything that will give you a little boost can help. While you’re at the supermarket, pick something up that you know will help you relax. Whether that’s a bar of chocolate, some bubble bath or the ingredients for your favourite meal, having something in the house that you know will help you to unwind is always a good idea.

7) Remember that this will pass

Even though now is a time of confusion and uncertainty, remember that this time will pass. And, if you are struggling mentally and feel as though you need some support, click here to see how our services can help you.