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Safe Connections

We all have a role to play in reducing suicide. Our actions, no matter how big or small may provide hope to someone who is struggling. Simply asking someone how they are feeling and giving them the opportunity to talk about something which is troubling them can be the first step towards recovery.

Safe Connections is a partnership approach to providing local support for people facing suicide in North East London. If you live or you are a professional working in the North East London Boroughs and are concerned about yourself, have been recently bereaved by suicide or need to access training you can access the following services (click on the images below for more information):

Community Hub

Safe Connections Community Hub aims to support people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts to access the right service at the right time. We offer a safe space for people to talk about their feelings and concerns and explore the underlying reasons as to why someone may feel suicidal. Our connectors provide a mixture of emotional and practical support and tailored signposting to help meet the individual’s needs

Safe Connections App

Thoughts of suicide can be frightening and confusing. This SafeConnections app has been developed to take you to a safe space to talk, and for someone to guide you to support services in your local area.

Grief in Pieces

Many people bereaved by suicide find that they need more specific support than that provided for bereavement in general and can find it particularly valuable to make use of support groups and other forms of support and understanding that are especially designed for people bereaved by suicide.

A network of protectors - training for the community

Perhaps surprisingly, thoughts of suicide are not always related to mental ill-health. The reasons can seem challenging and complex. Furthermore, it is not always obvious when a person is at risk of suicide. Being suicide alert and talking about the reasons for wanting to live and die has been proven to help. We teach World Health Organisation (WHO) approved courses developed by LivingWorks that facilitate and promote this discussion while keeping both the care-giver and the person at risk safe.

Training for Professionals

An understanding of the mental health drivers that can cause suicidal thoughts will be gained, along with learning the ability to recognise the signs that someone may be feeling suicidal early on. Finally, the training will also provide people with the confidence to support other vulnerable people and reduce the risk of a suicide attempt being made.

Crisis Support

You can find information on crisis support by clicking on the image above. If you need crisis support in Hackney please click here to find out what services are available to you: