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Waltham Forest Voluntary & Community Sector Leadership Group

The Waltham Forest Voluntary & Community Sector Leadership Group (VCS LG) mission is to connect with community groups and organisations, fostering collaboration, support, and unification across the sector.

We work hand in hand with the Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector, Waltham Forest Council Teams, and the local NHS Trust to ensure the VCSE’s active involvement in vital decisions and developments within Waltham Forests’ Health & Care Sector.

If you work in the sector, we’d love to hear your opinion on health and social care services in the community. To get in touch: contact rebecca.thomas@mindchwf.org.uk.

We believe in the power of collective action.

We strive to create and maintain borough-wide health equity through collaboration and key projects with the NHS, Charities, and the Voluntary, Community, and Social Enterprise Sectors.

Community needs drive our initiatives,

The group was co-designed in 2022 by the sector to bring together voluntary organisations to work with the Partnership, supporting engagement and involvement from the wider community groups in the borough.

Waltham Forest Health & Care Partnership Overview

The Waltham Forest Health & Care Partnership ensures services wrap around residents who need them at the place and a more local ‘neighbourhood’ level through integration and primary care networks (GP practices working together) locally.

It includes:

• The Waltham Forest Voluntary and Community Sector

• The London Borough of Waltham Forest (Waltham Forest Council)

• North-East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT)

                                                                     • North-East London NHS (NEL)

• Barts Health NHS Trust

• Primary Care Networks – groups of GP practices working together with a range of local providers, including social care, and the voluntary and community sector

• Waltham Forest Federated GP Network

Waltham Forest Voluntary & Community Leadership Group Members websites

· Mind, City, Hackney & Waltham Forest

· Health Watch Waltham Forest

· Waltham Forest Community Hub 

· Age UK Waltham Forest

· Carers First Waltham Forest  

· Waltham Forest Parent Forum

· Leyton Orient Trust

· Waltham Forest Women’s Network

· Crest

· Waltham Forest Disability Resource Centre 

Our leaders

Carol Prideaux - Parent Participation Director, Waltham Forest Parent Forum

Sarah Ahmat - Steering Group Rep and Admin Support, Waltham Forest Parent Forum

Jackie Grant - Chair, Waltham Forest Women's Network

Dianne Barham - Chief Executive, Healthwatch Watch Waltham Forest

Vanessa Morris - Chief Executive Officer, Mind in the City, Hackney, and Waltham Forest

Trevor Duberry - Co-Chairs of the VCS LG and Head of Engagement, Leyton Orient Trust

Chris O’Sullivan  - Operations Director, CREST Waltham Forest

Monwara Ali - Co-Chairs of the VCS LG and Chief Executive, Waltham Forest Community Hub

Rebecca Thomas - Waltham Forest VCS Development Coordinator, Mind in the City, Hackney, and Waltham Forest

Charlotte Hepburn - Service Manager, Carers First Waltham Forest

Terry Day - Befriending Manager, Age UK Waltham Forest

Emma Tozer - Chief Executive, Age UK Waltham Forest

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