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Hi, my name’s Rebecca and I’m pleased to introduce you to the Waltham Forest Voluntary Community Sector Leadership Group (VCS LG).

VCS LG is an official partnership of 10 organisations based in and supporting the communities of Waltham Forest.

Our group members are strategic senior sector leaders and community advocates from Mind in the City Hackney and Waltham Forest, Crest, Waltham Forest Community Hub, Age UK Waltham Forest, Waltham Forest Parent Forum, Healthwatch Waltham Forest, Leyton Orient Trust, Waltham Forest Women’s Network, Carers First Waltham Forest & Waltham Forest Disability Resource Centre.

The VCS LG works to embed the Voluntary and Community Sectors into health and social care. We aim to ensure there is efficient VCSE representation at the neighbourhood (local), place (Borough Wide) and system level (North-East London).

We are on a mission to ensure that the voices and views of the sector are heard, included, and acted upon. We aim for the VCSE to be equal strategic partners within the healthcare system, which often relies on our creative solutions, flexibility, and strong community relationships to meet outcomes.

What can the VCS LG offer my community group or organisation?

The VCS LG can provide you with the opportunity to voice your opinion and help to shape the Health and Care space. This will happen through:

We understand that effective and accountable VCSE representation, strategic leadership and equity are fundamental to the growth and survival of the sector in Waltham Forest. Which will lead to stronger partnership working, funding, and commissioning opportunities. In turn, this ensures that our communities have more joint care and receive the services and support needed in their local areas.

However, without a seat at the table, it is difficult to bring about change.

Want to get involved? Here’s what you can do next:

Written by Rebecca Thomas, VCS Development Coordinator at Mind in the City, Hackney, and Waltham Forest.

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