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Scientists and researchers have defined trauma as an emotional response to an extraordinarily stressful event. It can overwhelm our central nervous system changing the way that we process and recall memories.

At Mind in the City and Hackney, we recognise and acknowledge the complexity and confusion that defining trauma can bring about and what we are offering here is a gentle, compassion-focused introduction to its concept and we invite you to (at your own pace) understand where you may be with your traumatic experiences and how you might begin to move towards healing.

In this webinar we will look to introduce thinking about and being with trauma. We will explore and share some definitions and related concepts alongside ways in which to resource ourselves. The main aims of this webinar are:

  • To introduce safety as the cornerstone to being with trauma​​
  • To validate different forms or definitions of trauma​​
  • To acknowledge that trauma impacts the brain and the body​​


Understanding trauma

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