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“Our lives begin to end the day we are silent about the things that matter” Dr Martin Luther King, Jnr 

At Mind in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest we believe that Black Lives DO indeed matter and as an organisation we are:

Committed to champion and protect those people that face unjust hostility, inequalities, in their everyday lives.

Committed to take action and stand alongside everyone who experiences barriers to good mental health because of racism and discrimination.

Committed to redress health and social inequalities in the Black Community

Committed to solutions generated by people who have experience of oppression

Committed to the Security and Safety of those people who have been marginalised by society

Committed to that every person gets equal support and respect

Committed to bring about peace of mind.

Committed to Love, Respect and Value the people we work with

Committed to do it again and again, using whatever tools we have, working alongside whoever we need to do so, supporting, caring and learning from each other.

Committed today, yesterday and tomorrow and forever to Black Lives!


Inclusion, Respect, Integration and Empowerment for  all, the Mind CHWF team

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