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Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of information about what people shouldn’t do, where people shouldn’t go and how people should act. With all of the noise from the news, social media, friends and family, this can get quite confusing.

To make this a bit clearer, here’s some simple guidelines for how you can make sure that you keep yourself and loved ones safe through COVID-19.

The government’s advice is that you now stay at home.
To stop the disease spreading and affecting people you love, you can only leave home for:
You should only be traveling to work if you really need to, it’s very important that you stay at home.

To slow down the spread of the disease, it’s important that we all work together and stop doing the following:

No meeting friends.
No visiting family in other places.
No groups of more than two people in public.

It’s important to remember that you are not alone in this and, for us to beat coronavirus, we all need to work together. For this reason, you might find that events that you were looking forward to are canceled and shops, cafes and restaurants you might have otherwise visited are closed.

If you are poorly, you need to stay at home for seven days if you live on your own. This is the same as one week.
If you are poorly and live with other people, you need to stay at home for fourteen days. This is the same as two weeks.

This advice was produced with thanks to Mencap. To see their advice, please click here. 


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