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Silver Saturday

Silver Saturdays is a social club, bringing older people together for fun and creative activities at our Wellbeing Centre. Once a month people from all over Hackney come together and enjoy a delicious home-made lunch and exciting activities which we alternate on a regular basis – such as mindfulness, bingo, line-dancing and quizzes.

Silver Saturday aims to address an unmet need in mental health services for the over 50s community, by reducing feelings of isolation and increasing resilience, confidence and self-esteem.

Participants are invited to discuss what kind of activities they would like to see at the next session. They are encouraged to influence and shape the service into what they would find most beneficial, to ensure that Silver Saturday continues to serve the needs of its clients. So far suggestions have included sing-along sessions to 50s and 60s hits, seated exercise and baking sessions.

Participants are welcome to join us for the whole day, or they can come along for a particular activity. Carers are also welcome to come along to accompany individuals

For more information and details on when sessions run, please contact: