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EMPOWER Employment Study

What is it?

EMPOWER is a research study which aims to find how well our new employment initiative – Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills for Employment (DBT-SE) – helps people to gain employment or return to work after being off sick (due to their mental health). We also hope to find out if DBT-SE has lasting positive effects on a person’s wellbeing.


  •  All participants will be invited to attend an employment workshop where we will discuss some of the practical skills needed for seeking or returning to work.
  • All participants will be issued with an employment manual written by a vocational advisor. This manual contains advice on the practical aspects of employment.
  • Participants getting DBT-SE will attend training sessions where skills to manage the challenging emotional aspects of looking for and applying for work, interviewing, and starting work will be discussed each week.
  • Participants getting MHES will be supported by a vocational advisor who is an expert at helping people to gain employment or return to work
  • You will be compensated for your time when we contact you after the initiatives have ended. At each follow up we will issue you with £20 in high street shopping vouchers (£40 in total).
  • You will contribute to NHS research designed to support people into employment in the future.

Who’s it for?

There are some people who find it harder than others to get a job and also hold down a job; this can be for many reasons. Some people find relationships difficult which can make it harder to get along with work colleagues and supervisors while ensuring they have their needs met. Some people experience strong emotions that ‘come from nowhere’ and take a long time to go down or leave you feeling overwhelmed. These problems can sometimes lead to difficulties building confidence at work and managing work pressures. 

How to get it?

If you think this study sounds like something that might be useful for you or you would just like some more information about what taking part involves, please contact the EMPOWER research team using the following information:

You can email us at

Or telephone us on 0208 525 2337

*Please note that this study is a randomised controlled trial (RCT) therefore participants are randomly allocated to either the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy-Skills for Employment initiative group or a mental health employment service at Mind.