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Citizens’ Advocacy

What is it?

Our Citizens’ Advocacy service supports people to understand their rights and access local services. Individuals will work with an Advocate for six weeks with the aim of resolving a specific issue. This could range from making a formal complaint to accessing welfare services.

You will leave the service with a better understanding of how to best represent their interests and will see an increase in confidence and wellbeing.

We work with all adults, however, our advocates specialise in youth advocacy and young people’s services.

Who is it for?

Our Citizens’ Advocacy service is available for those who:

  • Are 18 or over
  • Are not entitled to statutory advocacy

If you believe you are eligible for statutory advocacy, please contact The Advocacy Project at

How to get it

To make an online referral, please click here.

Note: Please make sure you quote Citizens’ Advocacy in the first box to ensure you are referred to the correct service.